Since the 1930’s scientists and engineers have been telling us about the danger posed by exposure to Low frequency Electric and Magnetic fields, and also the higher frequency Electromagnetic fields. Here are some shortcuts to the current majority scientific view.

Swiss-com patent WO2004075583A1. 2004. Reduction of electrosmog in wireless local networks. The description ADMITS harm from RFR.

Up to 70% of non-industry funded studies show harm to health and living systems from acute or chronic exposure to RFR. Industry interests, strategic ignorance by Government, and lack on knowledge in public are preventing safe and effective controls and education on the issue.

Does funding matter ?

– A further claim made about the science is that there is some that proves no harm – so why worry? Where health is concerned this is irrelevant, the Black Swan, once the fact and possibility of personal injury is established then effective controls should be put in place.

– The Industry also like to claim there is not yet sufficient or compelling evidence on the health dangers (remember there are also issues of personal freedom and national security). This is false and a delaying tactic. There have been about 8500 military studies declassified since 1950’s, but the truth threatens the Military and 4th Industrial Revolution which both fundamentally rely on wireless communication. Link to military research.

Refer to these 3 case reports to see comprehensive legal evidence put forward to challenge the unacceptable assault from RFR:

Petition from Environmental Health Trust for Review of Order Issued by the Federal Communications Commission. US Court of Appeals, Columbia, 2021. Download.

Danish legal opinion on 5G. Vast evidence summarised, 2020. Download.

Dutch Administrative Court, 2021, recognises increased health risk.

ORSAA archive of data. Archive of 4000 military research documents

Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields:

Over 1,600 scientific papers can be found here:

4000+ studies can be found here:

23,840 studies are linked here:

Here are links to the main studies and catalogue websites.

On the left is R. Kostoff 1000pp “THE LARGEST UNETHICAL MEDICAL EXPERIMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY” report. On the right is the 1500pp BioInitiative Report. These are summaries and catalogues of studies.

“We have enough evidence to justify taking action and we are not willing to wait until our members, their children and the students suffer health consequences from not doing anything. The history of occupational disease shows the devastating consequences of doing just that.”

Paul Pecorale, Vice President of New York State United Teachers