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  • News March 2024
    Judicial Review, London. The EECC submission AC-2023-LON-003728 is waiting for a judge to be appointed. Meanwhile do watch this interview with one of the Claimants Karen Churchill, about her journey raising… Read more: News March 2024
  • News February 2024
  • News January 2024
    UK EECC challenge escalated to Judicial Review: read our blog report THE GOVERNMENT DECLINED TO REMEDY THEIR MULTIPLE FAILURES WITHOUT LEGAL PROCEEDINGS, SO A JUDICIAL REVIEW IS UNDERWAY The government did… Read more: News January 2024
  • News December 2023
    Update on the EECC legal challenge to the UK government : we have finalised the letter before action correspondence with the government, who have failed to provide a substantive response… Read more: News December 2023
  • News November 2023
    If you haven’t seen the 5G Exposé yet, here is another chance. The 5G Exposé brings together experts from across the World in the fields of wireless radiation, cancer, legislation and the… Read more: News November 2023
  • News October 2023
    The challenge submitted to the Government in September remains of vital importance for the overall campaign. It focuses on the crux of councils’ duties to risk reconcile every mast application… Read more: News October 2023
  • News September 2023
    This month sees the launch of a new legal challenge to the government. On 12th September 2023 a challenge was submitted to the Department of Health & Department for Levelling… Read more: News September 2023
  • News August 2023
    WANTED for trying to reveal the facts and the truth!!  Professor and Neuroscientist Olle Johansson turned 70 on Sunday 13th of August. He doesn’t want any congratulations or private, personal gifts for his upcoming birthday – only… Read more: News August 2023
  • News July 2023
    We see continued success as mast applications are being refused across the country, with an estimated 60% refusal rate. However further progress is needed to protect the public and the… Read more: News July 2023
  • News June 2023
    Wednesday 14th June. This important event was organised to host Professor Kent Chamberlain  –  University of New Hampshire, Professor Emeritus, Electrical & Computer Engineering, New Hampshire Commission on Environmental and Health… Read more: News June 2023
  • News May 2023
    Update on 5G Legal Action – Help us secure a safer future. We are pleased to let you know that we are applying for permission to appeal the judgment received on March… Read more: News May 2023
  • News April 2023
    Update on 5G Legal Action – Help us secure a safer future. We are pleased to let you know that we are applying for permission to appeal the judgment received on March… Read more: News April 2023
  • News March 2023
    Action against 5G – judgement issued 7th March. Grounds dismissed. For the case update from the legal team please see here. The judgement can be read here. 5G Objectors Rights… Read more: News March 2023
  • News February 2023
    Summary: the Action Against 5G hearing took place on February 6/7th. To read a summary of the hearing go to this article in the Daily Sceptic or our own blog… Read more: News February 2023
  • News January 2023
    Summary: Action Against 5G hearing 6/7th February. Flyers and info available here. Please do support the crowdfund as well, and spread the word ! The Court of Appeal granted permission… Read more: News January 2023
  • News December 2022
    The UK case Action Against 5G has been rescheduled for 6th February 2023. RFR may be affecting heart health; new documentary called Mobilize; (BBC) news 02.12.2022 – “5g seems to… Read more: News December 2022
  • News November 2022
    Action Against 5G: The full-day UK Judicial Review Court Hearing will take place at The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand, London WC2A 2LL on Tuesday, 13th December. Mast… Read more: News November 2022
  • News October 2022
    Major New Paper by International Commission on Wireless Technology Presents Case For Revision of Human Exposure Limits and Calls For Immediate Moratorium on 5G; pre-print paper highlighting the ‘self-referencing authorships’ of the… Read more: News October 2022
  • News September 2022
    An article published by mainstream Scientific American questions the safety of 5G. More reports on environmental impacts of RFR. Two major legal cases re-started, Phonegate and Murray v. Motorola, and… Read more: News September 2022
  • News August 2022
    Precedent setting UK case for EHS sufferers in school as Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) is awarded (Aug 2022) for UK child on the basis of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). China’s… Read more: News August 2022
  • News July 2022
    Growing anti-5G movement in Europe, new UK group gathering data on mast exposure for service on councils and legal bundles, environmental cost of 5G, new 5G meter, new film on… Read more: News July 2022
  • News June 2022
    Progress in case law for ElectroSensitive citizens. EHS day video released. Tower switched off after damage to cows. New UK petition… Mast Applications Digitalising Wilmslow: 5G Assault on Health and… Read more: News June 2022
  • News May 2022
    Mast applications Take action steps on RFinfo: Environment EHT: 5g is not-so-green and could increase energy use, University of Sussex business school report “5G will prompt Energy Consumption to Grow by… Read more: News May 2022