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  • News August 2022
    China’s 5G causing soaring carbon, devastating die off of birds, London as surveillance capital of the West if not stopped, Pittsfield residents file suit on Telco, Harlow masts scrapped, IOWight Appeal …. Mast applications RFinfo register: new Appeal to support in Isle of […]
  • News July 2022
    Growing anti-5G movement in Europe, new UK group gathering data on mast exposure for service on councils and legal bundles, environmental cost of 5G, new 5G meter, new film on EHS. Mast applications The latest 5G Street Hub application in Cheltenham considered at […]
  • News June 2022
    Mast applications Digitalising Wilmslow: 5G Assault on Health and Environment without informed consent. SafeTech Int. Environment For the birds. SafeTechInt. 3 videos of experts talking about impacts of RFR and 5G on human health, insects die-offs and carbon emissions.  The UN, Technology Addiction, […]
  • News May 2022
    Mast applications Environment EHT: 5g is not-so-green and could increase energy use, University of Sussex business school report “5G will prompt Energy Consumption to Grow by staggering 160% in 10 years” 5G Cell Towers Cause Massive Insect Decline on the Greek island […]