HARMONISERS are products that de-polarise a wireless signal and make it bio-compatible. 

[A Harmoniser] is intended to protect a biological object, in particular the human body, from the negative influence of technogenic EM radiation of a wide range of frequencies without reducing the effectiveness of the sources generating it and without imposing additional requirements on them. In this aspect, it is most rational to change the structure of the EM pulse arising from the radiation source, transforming it into a form safe for the Biological Organism, without losing its effectiveness.

The restructuring of technogenic EM radiation in the proposed method implies changing its amplitude-frequency spectrum from an arbitrary form to a coherent form through the influence of a coherent field created by a transformer that initiates the process of counter- harmonization of amplitudes, phases, frequencies, polarization vectors, and the EM radiation incident on it.


It is a controversial topic, partly because there are many products that are ‘sham’, or whose performance is hit and miss, but partly because assessing the efficacy of a harmoniser is reflected by a biological response rather than a direct dose response, and this can be hard to measure. The influence of the harmoniser often involves ‘informational’ fields, which are unfamiliar to conventional science and cannot be directly quantified or measured. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis or thorough body autonomic testing seem to be the most repeatable and reliable measure of the biological effects of a harmoniser solution, beyond ones own feeling.

Another reason harmonisation is treated with suspicion is that it could make people complacent about using wireless tech. If we don’t consciously learn how to use devices with moderation we also remain subject to their social/mental/emotional downsides, and of course to a dystopia of unbridled reliance on technology. We also need to consider the evident harm being caused to the natural environment by unchecked densification of the electro-smog, and so until entire mast sites are harmonised this damage will continue.


First some recommendations:

Note that different harmoniser products seem to suit different people, and so it is best to do your own research as well and see what feels right for you. These are just suggestions from what we have tested and feel are good.

Note: a harmonised field will NOT test as reduced intensity on an EMF meter. The effect is non-physical.


The Light Cell

Oraphim Shungite


Swiss Harmony

Smart Dots

Calmspace Pro

multiple modes




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stick on

whole house plug in

The stick on type of harmonisers can also be applied to the mains incoming electrical cable. If the source electricity is balanced we found that the fields coming from any device powered by that source became harmonised.

Orgonite has some reported benefits, but for different reasons, and they cannot be reproduced with exactness and so will have variable effectiveness.


Quantum Entanglement – at a distance, try it if it appeals to you, I am confident in their integrity, and know it can work:



What is harmful in a wireless field?

Man made fields are polarised and pulse modulated, this has been shown to create adaptive stress. Over time this can be debilitating.

We are multi dimensional, and our space is multi dimensional.

An artificial field lacks the informational and organizational dimensions that render it compatible with us.

Natural electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is un-polarized and carries complete information in all dimensions. A man-made electromagnetic field is polarized, and these organisational layers can be pretty much empty or ‘dry’.

This lack of informational and organizational qualities can render the EMR incompatible with us – we don’t recognise it.

The other factor is that a polarised and pulsed signal triggers a stress response in cells, at any intensity or frequency.  Chronic exposure to this type of hazard is devitalizing and can cause health problems in the long term.

Quantum physics observes that the so-called empty space between atoms and the empty space within atoms of our physical world is not really empty, but instead is filled by energy-rich, pre-matter structures.  

These structures are dynamic and have several organisational dimensions (informational and energetic). We could call them hyper-physical or scalar fields.  These inform and impact the active properties of the physical systems which they are part of.

One way to harmonise a signal is to add variable un-modulated signals as a noise field that overlays the transmitted signal and effectively de-polarises it, without affecting the message itself.  At the same time these overlaid information fields can also carry other information that the body will favourably respond to, as a priority over the message signal.  

This is my visualisation to explain what may be happening:

  1. source signal
  2. ‘dry’ signal coming from it, where the higher subtle energy layers indicated by the B+W toroid are mainly void, and the physical signal is pulsed and polarised
  3. the signal passes through the informational field from a harmoniser (placed at the source)
  4. and exits de-polarised and enhanced in all subtle energy layers, the rainbow coloured toroid is now complete and enfolded in the physical carrier wave

These passive information fields can be imprinted in a highly structured material or magnetic strip and are activated and carried by the message signal. 

Harmonisers with these qualities can de-polarise, inform and organise the fields coming FROM a device ….. and enhance the space in a room. Or they can also enhance YOUR OWN bio-field, stimulating immune and higher functions and making you more able to transmute the EM fields in the environment yourself.

They can promote the ability of living systems to self-regulate (e.g. human wellbeing) or to compensate for certain pollutants (e.g. electromagnetic pollution) or neutralise them.  Because the effect operates at a subtle energy level it does not block or alter the physical EMF signals, or their intensity (a common misconception which leads people to dismiss any effect – ‘look the signal is still there’).  

Ultimately harmoniser theory can even use the EMR as a trojan horse to enhance a living system …