No more lies ….

Silent and relentless. Wireless pollution is hurting us all. We are all being exposed without a choice and without full disclosure of the known health impacts of chronic exposure to microwave radiation, in any spectrum, and at levels up to 100th of the ‘safe’ guideline levels. The Biological effects are not accommodated by the official safety thresholds.


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Humans, Flora and Fauna

May 2022: Three interviews and three telling documents about the harm caused by artificial Electro-Magnetic Radiation to humans, Flora and Fauna:

EM Radiation Research Trust Co-Founder Eileen O’Connor talks with the President of the World Freedom Alliance, Immunologist Professor Dolores Cahill.

Prof Olle Johansson (Switzerland) about the 5g scandal

Olle Johansson and Tracey-Lee Dorning – is 5G a threat to communities?