Health effects: Electrosensitivity

Everyone is affected by RFR, but we all react to different degrees. Our bodies have not been designed or evolved with nerves to feel microwave heating within organs or below certain intensities since nature simply doesnt expose us to those fields. The only natural environmental electromagnetic fields in the non-ionising spectrum are around 11-20Hz Schumann resonance, and visible light in the THz range.

Some people can physically feel the man made RFR however. Sometimes as a natural ability, so perhaps they can be the canaries in the coal mine for the rest of us. Others due to overexposure and adaptive stress reaction, combined often with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity).

Whether we feel it or not our bodies need to make sense of and transform the incoming information.

The polarised and pulse modulated nature of the radiation is an identified feature, but there is also harm noted from smooth wave (un-pulsed) transmissions.

UK website:

“Not only are many people concerned but more and more members of the public have started to connect their health complaints to radiation from pulsed RFR (and other artificial sources of radiation). The number of members of the public suffering from EHS in recent years has significantly increased.”

WHO classification codes for EHS:

District Court of Gelderland hearing 2020:

7. The unsubstantiated denial of the existence of EHS (Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity) 

…. Likewise, a headache will rarely arise purely from the imagination. For this reason the Robert-Koch Institute expressed its serious concern about the headache epidemic among (school) children.

…. this contradicts the hypothesis that health complaints can be explained away as ‘imaginary’ symptoms, owing to a fear of the health risks of wireless technology.

…. Individual sensitivity means that, because of genetic and epigenetic differences, populations experience differing levels of sensitivity to the same exposure factor, whether in regard to radiation or to chemicals. 

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If you are electrosensitive and experiencing adverse symptoms from a nearby mast or general exposure then you can report it here, which will be forwarded securely to the UK ActionAgainst5G legal team.

You can also report here:

Do You Have EMF Related Symptoms? Dr. Magda Havas Wants To Hear From You!


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