News April/May 2024

Judicial Review, London. The December 2023 EECC submission ‘Objectors Rights’ AC-2023-LON-003728 is waiting for a judge to be appointed.

The Directive EU 2018/1972 further asserts that LPAs were assigned EECC competent authority status as soon as the EECC was agreed, and that assignment was direct under EECC Recital 22. As such they must be made competent to risk assess Telco applications in situ.

Please support the case via the gofundme page as they need to cover their costs to continue with this vital challenge.

Judicial Review, High Court Cardiff. Thursday 11th April. Steven Thomas V Cheltenham Borough Council. The plaintiff Steven Thomas presented his case with clarity and confidence, and it seemed to be heard well. Watch here for case report once a decision is reached some time in May.

Meanwhile do keep objecting to mast applications; see below.


Mast Applications

•Take action steps on RFinfo: UPDATED Template Letter Step2:

NEW PORTAL for seeing the latest Planning Applications to comment on.

Smart Poles- A heads up Smart poles are being trialled to deliver 4G and 5G. They are replacing telegraph poles and will come under permitted development.

“The news comes mere days after Britain’s Digital Infrastructure Minister asked all telecoms operators to stop deploying new telegraph poles and to share existing ones wherever possible.”

Digital Infrastructure minister Julia Lopez said new poles should only be installed “after ensuring that appropriate community engagement has taken place.”” It begs the question: What does “appropriate community engagement” actually mean??


Cellphone Taskforce: Newsletters. February: rainbow Lorikeets falling from the sky.

How Geofencing Technology Is Helping In Smart City Developments. Smart cities and cumulative effects on fundamental rights.

Public (body) Private (company) Partnership to make agriculture in rural areas automated

Public (body) Private (company) partnership to make surveillance in our towns automated 

Health and Research

EMF hazards summit. Canada’s ‘The EMF Guy’ Nick Pineault has got some good speakers on a range of topics. The summit is now paid for, offer (USA style) here.

Latest news, and The Defender articles regarding wireless and other EMF-emitting technologies: IARC Again Asked to Review RF Cancer Risk, Just Not Right Away; UK government rejects calls for clearer facial recognition laws; List of cell phones withdrawn or updated for deception and endangering users; Sierra Leone putting digital ID at the center of its digital transformation agenda.

Self Assembling Nanotechnology and “Rubber Clots” Explained by Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD. What is it? In whom is it growing? How can we eliminate it? This circles back to the news about smart poles above, and LED lights and digital ID, below, and geofencing in article above….


Have you got Smart Bulbs in your house? Paper about IoT and hacking.

WEF chooses Belfast, Leeds and London as global smart cities

Legal and Resistance

UK based ACHES letters to councils:

Citizen wins LED street light court case against council.

Lawyer Greg Glaser won case in Los Angeles to stop digital ID. Presentation starts 10mins in.