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EECC and objectors rights: Judicial Review, London. Karen Churchill and Neil McDougall assert that the Government failed to enact the public health protection provisions within the European Electronic Communications Code in the EECC Directive (EU) 2018/1972, when it was transposed into UK Law in December 2020, and that local authorities need to be equipped to undertake risk reconciliation.

Currently, Government policy effectively prevents the local authorities from assessing the health and environmental impacts of masts and small cells.

The initial application for Judicial Review has been dismissed, so permission is now being sought to appeal the dismissal. The defendants are claiming that Aarhus (support for environmental issues) cost capping does not apply; the Government are arguing the EECC’s focus does not concern environmental isues. The initial costs of £36,000+ are being firmly contested as clearly the case primarily concerns  environmental and health impact provisions. Your support to help secure the case proceeding is vital as this opportunity to restore our right to partake in Planning with regard to protecting ourselves from risk and known harms.

Please support the case via the gofundme page as they need to cover their costs to continue with this vital challenge.

Cheltenham case: Judicial Review, High Court Cardiff. Steven Thomas argued 2 grounds against the council concerning a mast that was approved when it is 17m and 100m from residences, which also housed vulnerable groups. A legal win for a mast objector in Cheltenham

Meanwhile do keep objecting to mast applications, see below.


Mast Applications

•Take action steps on RFinfo: UPDATED Template Letter Step2:

There will be a new portal for seeing the latest Planning Applicationscoming soon.


Bath Rally for Sanity 7th July: write up of the event: UK: Smart City Trials Making a Spa City Sick?

Off grid camping in Wales for a break from everyday exposures.

Cell Tower Radiation Linked to Genetic Changes in Nearby Residents. More Chromosomal Aberrations 
A Finding Too Hot To Handle. Senior European scientists are reporting that people living near cell phone towers show significant changes in their genetic makeup. This is the first time that chronic exposure to cell tower radiation has been linked to unrepairable genetic damage.

Health and Research

Bacterial Effects of EMF Exposure, Sharon Goldberg MD. 2 years ago but good to review. 19mins.

Why electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is a biologically expected reaction to harmful radiation. Henziger/Budzinski

Please get rid of your cellphones now. Cellphone taskforce June.


Radiofrequency Exposure Limits: Implications for 5G. Presentation given by Canadian physicist Paul Héroux presented at the 7th World Electrosensitivity Day online conference, June 16-17 2024. He states that (at 27.38) the industry is planning to change the SAR measurements for 5G, making them even wider, from 1degree heat to 5degrees heat.

Italy’s 6 V/m RF Limit at Risk. Industry Sees Strict Standard as Barrier to 5G Development
Seeks To Bring It into Line with ICNIRP.

Legal and Resistance

Update  on the state of play of the Legal campaign in the UK. 43mins. “Mockery of the Law and us – Councils & Court Cover-Up” Karen Churchill, Steve Thomas.

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