Is radiofrequency radiation safe ?

In a nutshell

No. RFR can be called highly xenobiotic polarised pulse modulated radiation. The pulse modulated and polarised nature of man-made radiation causes a stress response in the cells. Our bodies are electric, they get stressed having to identify and react to constant non native information. Chronic adaptive and induced stress uses up many internal resources, resulting in a loss of vitality and a run down immune system. A diverse range of symptoms will show as a result of the loss of balance and health.

Proven effects include: increased cancer risk, genetic damage, cellular stress, oxidation of cells, changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, and neurological disorders.[i] Children and adolescents are particularly susceptible.

Ronald Kostoff regarding immune system function “EMR acts as both a promoter/accelerator and initiator of adverse health effects.”


A clear list of health effects and related studies

FCC and Big Telco make Us the Dummies: Feb 2021

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In more detail

4G+ refers to current upgrades under 6GHz frequency

5G is mmWave from 6GHz up to 90GHz. It is a new technology, primarily to do with employing phased array and beam formed signals. This way of packaging and targeting the signal to the device at high frequency allows alot more capacity, but it also requires millions more antenna, and is of questionable value to the average mobile device user.

  • The government claims that mmWave 5G is ‘safe’, so why have some countries banned it, with others following suit? In April 2019, the 5G internet roll-out was postponed in Brussels on health grounds. It has been halted in parts of Switzerland until independent studies can prove its safety. Councils in the UK and other parts of the world have also called for moratoriums. 
  • The UK Government, Public Health England (PHE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) take their guidance from the ICNIRP (International Council for non-ionizing Radiation Protection). The ICNIRP do not acknowledge the harmful bio-effects of wireless radiation at non-thermal levels, as shown in studies.  The ICNIRP is a self-appointed NGO, accused of conflicts of interest and loyalty to industry.
  • No studies on human health, wildlife or the environment have shown that chronic exposure to WiFi or 4G is safe. There is no research showing safety either from 5G alone, or from the combined exposure to 4G + 5G.  Pre-market safety testing relevant to real life situations has not been done and post market research confirms this technology is not safe for public use or exposure.

US Senator Blumenthal raises concerns on 5G wireless technology health risks at a Senate hearing 2019. Note: The industry claim there have been no studies carried out (which would indeed be reckless), however many hundreds have been carried out by the military and industry which show adverse health effects from RFR, and these can be extrapolated to 5G as well.

“Due to the extremely high density of base stations (BSs), street light access points, separate indoor BSs, relays and Massive MIMO technology employed in 5G, a person will be exposed to very high levels of Power Flux Densitys (PFDs), whether he is indoors or outdoors, or whether or not he is using any wireless devices in close proximity. 

In other words, it may be suspected that even the ambient PFD which a person is exposed to in most situations throughout the day may fall under the category of ‘Severe Concern’ according to the Building Biology Standard, ‘Far above normal’ according to the AMA standards, and may be higher than the precautionary action level recommended by the BioInitiative Guidelines.

If 5G networks are deployed without careful analysis of expected exposure levels, almost all people in the area of coverage may be exposed to dangerous levels of PFD, the outcomes of which, in the near future, may turn out to be calamitous.”

“Our results show that 5G downlink RF (radio frequency) fields generate significantly higher power density (PD) and specific absorption rate (SAR) than a current cellular system. …Thus, when a larger phased array antenna is used or when a user moves closer to the AP, the power density value becomes a major health concern which inevitably requires more research about health effects of 5G before it is deployed successfully by strictly following the RF emission standards.”

  • If 4G and 5G are genuinely safe, why have 248 scientists issued an urgent 5G appeal to the UN to call a halt to further rollout?  Research shows that electromagnetic radiation from 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi undermines immunity, damages DNA, and causes neurological effects. The ICNIRP only takes account of harm from heating and not other biological effects.
  • Thousands of peer reviewed independent studies have shown adverse effects from chronic exposure to RFR (radio frequency radiation). These studies show that pulse modulated microwave radiation causes adaptive stress. Biological effects are non-linear in relation to dose, and can occur at many power and frequency levels, with little predictability. Damage to health can take years to manifest after chronic exposure.  A precautionary approach to exposure is essential.
  • Two recent multi-million dollar studies also found ‘clear evidence’ of cancer. And a 2018 review in The Lancet of 2,000 studies concluded: “[The] weight of scientific evidence refutes the prominent claim that the deployment of wireless technologies poses no health risks”.
  • Re-insurance companies such as Lloyds of London and Swiss Re will not insure against damage to health from mobile radiation. Swiss Re class it as ‘high-impact risk.’ They fear a repeat of the asbestos scandal. In their information to shareholders, telecommunications companies warn about potential loss of share value due to litigation related to health risks.
  • The deployment of 5G without the public’s consent constitutes a breach of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  In 1947 Western governments signed an agreement that people would not be experimented upon without their informed consent. Without proper safety testing, the introduction of 5G is an experiment.
  • For ‘progress’ to be real, benefits should outweigh costs. It is debatable whether or not higher mobile data volumes are justified, given that pulse modulated microwave radiation of all frequencies can cause irreparable harm to humans, wildlife and the environment.  Do the benefits of a surveillance super-state, which the IOT and blanket coverage will enable, also outweigh the risks ?
  • In the UK two legal actions have been initiated to challenge the government on its failure to assess the impact of 5G infrastructures before they licenced the operations, and to challenge the safety of PHE exposure guidelines: actionagainst5G

The elephant in the room is our exposure to indoor WiFi, and the mobile phones which are usually active and in our pockets.

WiFi Radiation – Dangers of WiFi – See It Measured – How To Remediate WiFi Radiation. 7mins

This was taken near Crystal Palace. Typical constant output from a new monopole in a residential street. Peaking over 6 V/m (the ICNIRP guideline level is 56 V/m – BUT only for 6min thermal effect). This increasing level of urban electro smog is not acceptable. There is no informed consent and no refuge. 1min.

Interview with Pro Keith Scott Mumby and Lloyd Burrell – covers all the key points. 1hr 20mins.

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