Non ionising radiation

Fallacy 2: that non-ionising radiation (NIR) causes no harm. The RFR spectrum as regulated by the ICNIRP ranges from 0Hz to 300GHz, which is just below the frequency of visible light. This is the non-ionising part of the spectrum (see What is RFR)

Wikipedia: the non-ionizing lower energies of the lower ultraviolet spectrum cannot ionize atoms, but can disrupt the inter-atomic bonds which form molecules, thereby breaking down molecules rather than atoms.

The industry and most government regulatory bodies persist in falsely claiming that NIR causes no harm, this bears little scrutiny and is a falsehood that stuck from 1953 when Dr Schwann thought that RFR could only heat tissue, and had no other effects. He soon retracted that opinion but it suited the US military and Industry very nicely and has stuck.

Hence the ICNIRP guidelines for safe exposure pick a limit of 56 V/m for short term 6 or 30mins exposure, to avoid thermal effects only. Harm can occur right down to 0.01 V/m, and in fact even lower. Also note that these guidelines are being applied for exposure that is 24/7, not 6mins.

NIR is used in Microwave ovens at 2.45Ghz, and around 750W. The use is indeed for heating but it clearly has an effect on tissue. To be more precise the ICNIRP are claiming that at Low Power (below 56 V/m) there are no other Biological Effects.

Our bodies operate electrically. A moving charge induces change in bio-chemistry. We are in fact exquisitely sensitive to electrical and magnetic, and electromagnetic fields. This has been known since 1753 when electricity was first discovered. For the best study of Electricity and Life read The Invisible Rainbow by A.Firstenberg. Or Dr Robert Becker’s books.

Non Ionising Radiation operates photosynthesis, it can cause sunburn, it is used for healing (PEMF/electrotherapy), it is used for diagnostics (CAT/NMR/PET) because it can move molecules, and so it can also do harm. NIR is used as a pesticide, and to open cell membranes for introduction of chemotherapy drugs. A moving charge induces change.

The disciplines of magneto-biology, electro acupuncture, quantum electro-biology, bio-electromagnetics and atmospheric physics all study this. The interactions between external man made RFR fields and our bodies are complex. The reactions are non-linear, they do not follow dose in an obvious way. Sometimes effect windows are found at lower rather than higher powers for the same frequency.

The main reason that man made RFR microwave radiation is highly xenobiotic is it’s pulse modulated and polarised nature.















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How long can we afford?

The silencing of the Wireless Technology Research project in 1999 by Tom Wheeler who ended up being chairman of the FCC evokes eerie parallels with two of the most notorious cases of corporate deception on record: the campaigns by the tobacco and fossil-fuel industries to obscure the dangers of smoking and climate change, respectively. Just as tobacco executives were privately told by their own scientists (in the 1960s) that smoking was deadly, and fossil-fuel executives were privately told by their own scientists (in the 1980s) that burning oil, gas, and coal would cause a “catastrophic” temperature rise, so Carlo’s testimony in the WTR report reveals that wireless executives were privately told by their own scientists (in the 1990s) that cell phones could cause cancer and genetic damage.

Central to keeping the scientific argument going is making it appear that not all scientists agree. Again like the tobacco and fossil-fuel industries, the wireless industry has “war gamed” science, as a Motorola internal memo in 1994 phrased it. 

Lack of definitive proof that a technology is harmful does not mean the technology is safe, yet the wireless industry has succeeded in selling this logical fallacy to the world. In truth, the safety of wireless technology has been an unsettled question since the industry’s earliest days. The upshot is that, over the past 30 years, billions of people around the world have been subjected to a massive public-health experiment.

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We are electrically tuned to the world around us and the safe level of exposure to radio waves is zero.

Neil Cherry, atmospheric physicist