Quickfire health:

How is health impacted?

A broad set of symptoms are experienced as a result of the chronic stress caused by acute and long term exposure to wirelesss RFR. The effects are cumulative, we don’t have organs to sense the exposure and so we are usually unaware. Expression of symptoms differs from person to person, in time and type, since we all have different tolerances, specific weaknesses and adaptive capacities.

“Wireless radiation acts as both a promoter/accelerator and initiator of adverse health effects.” 

Ronald Kostoff PhD, Research Affiliate, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

It is human nature to ignore risks but it is also easy to learn some simple new habits – EMF hygiene.

The effects of RFR on our bodies are cumulative, even at low doses. We never developed nerves or a sense organ to perceive and manage external radiation of this nature, but for sure we are all ‘sensitive’ to it, and our bodies have to respond effectively. The condition is called electro hyper sensitivity once it starts to affect us more seriously. Some countries recognise it medically and as a handicap deserving support.




Remember, this is what your body is hearing, and this is fairly typical in Cities now. This exposure without consent is Unlawful.

Proven effects include: 

…. increased cancer risk, genetic damage, cellular stress, oxidation of cells, changes to the reproductive system, attention deficit/hyperactivity, learning and memory deficits, and neurological disorders.


2019 EMF health effects survey by the EMFsafetynetwork


Non thermal effects can occur from Non-Ionising radiation exposure. It is not about heating.

Oxidative stress – from excessive Reactive Oxygen Species, causes cellular damage and affects metabolic processes, which can in turn damage DNA. RFR also creates a net +ve charge in the blood and air, which is devitalising and can also lead to illness.

Melatonin disruption – the pineal gland is confused by RFR and so the sleep and melatonin cycles can be disrupted. Sleep is key for restoration.

Blood brain barrier leakage exposure can cause the barrier to open, which allows toxins to cross into places they are not meant to be.

Immune suppression – chronic adaptive stress consumes our internal resources, and disrupted biological processes create illness.

DNA damage – RFR does not directly affect DNA, but the other deleterious effects contribute to direct damage.

VGCC – voltage gated calcium channels. These are gateways on each cell that regulate ion transfer. They are exquisitely sensitive to electrical charge. RFR induces changes to the voltages that control the gates, with very bad results. When cells are flooded with too much calcium or other salts, imbalance and disease follow. VGCC activation produces five different effects, each of which have roles in stimulating the replication and spread of viruses:

  1. Excessive intracellular calcium
  2. Oxidative stress
  3. NF-kappaB elevation
  4. Inflammation
  5. Apoptosis (programmed cell death)

Mechanisms: in a bit more detail

Mechanical resonance and Aerial effect: microwaves react at the molecular level with water. Any structure equal to, or any mathematical multiple of, the wavelength, will enter into resonance. Entrainment may also occur with standing oscillating waves from reflective conditions. Telcom installers are warned about the body scale effect with radio wavelengths around 2m, but organs and cellular clusters can also resonate.

Zeeman effect: the coherent energy of a whole group of radio waves can exceed the individual quantum energy of the single photon from ionising radiation. “The idea that cell phone radio waves do not have the quantum energy to damage DNA and therefore cannot cause ill health is a fallacy.” Dr Tressider 2018.

Cyclotron Resonance: Discussed by Dr Becker in his seminal works as a possible effect from microwave frequency EMF as well as low frequency EMF. Consider this study “The effect of low-frequency electromagnetic field on human bone marrow stem/progenitor cell differentiation” and see how incredibly complex biological functions are, the more we know the more we realise we know nothing, and so how can such a cavalier approach to rolling out full spectrum RFR on society be justified ? “… the volumes of literature published in the past 40 years make it impossible to ignore the underlying electromagnetic nature of cell signaling and signal transduction. Ion cyclotron resonance helps regulate biological information in ways that biochemical remedies and pharmaceuticals cannot.”

Dose: long low doses can do just as much harm as a high dose – think sunbathing, and thinking (yes brainwaves are ELF and DO affect the body!) The electrical systems of the body operate at incredibly low current and power, and so it is easy to understand how external interference fields can play havoc. (Body Electric – Becker) The dose-response relationship is non-linear which means that simple exposure restrictions cannot be made.

Non-mechanical effects: other mechanisms such as Brillouin precursors, Faraday coupling and quantum tunnelling are being discovered in the fields of quantum electro-biology. Non classical behaviour and non linear resonance effects are observed, which makes prediction of cause-effect very difficult.

Non-linear dose/time effects are observed. Whilst all the mechanisms are not fully understood there is no reason to deny them. As a more advanced notion, we know that brain waves (thoughts) at very low frequencies create action in the body – we really have NO IDEA how, but we clearly cannot deny that a thought can move a muscle.

… These recent reviews of laboratory (ie, non-epidemiological) studies of the biological effects of RF-EMFs do identify diverse, multibody system effects, operating by a range of physicochemical pathways which are not mediated by thermogenesis. The reviewers document a growing body of evidence that RF-EMF exposures produce effects spanning reproductive/teratogenic, oncological, neuropsychiatric, skin, eye and immunological body systems. In addition, there are many fundamental effects at the subcellular level, in terms of oxidation, DNA alteration, gene expression and bacterial antibiotic resistance. Particularly striking is a 2018 study from Israel documenting the capacity of the sweat ducts in human skin to act as ‘helical antennae’ receptive to 5G frequencies of RF-EMF. When sweat ducts are exposed to these RF-EMFs, there are remote systemic effects, through the skin’s established capacity to secrete and send hormones and other signals to the entire body.

John Frank, BMJ 2021. https://jech.bmj.com/content/early/2021/01/04/jech-2019-213595
If WiFi can do this to cress what is it doing to you?

If the 2020 pandemic has taught us anything it is about what invisible toxins can do to us. The science shows that RFR is a neurotoxin and immunosuppressant, and the impact of electrosmog is cumulative.