Although not related directly to mobile 5G the issue of exposure to wireless RFR (radiofrequency radiation) is of great importance for schools and parents.   As a default schools rely, perhaps understandably, on the guidelines provided by Public Health England (PHE) and have no reason to believe that these may be inadequate.

Concerned parents should be informing schools about the actual science and evidence of harm from  low power levels of wireless radiation within the school premises.  The main source of WiFi is school WiFi systems, then there are also the multiple other sources from iPads, Laptops and phones which accumulate into a high level of electrosmog. 

Some basic education of pupils and staff on the safe use of technology should be considered and would include turning phones and iPads to airplane mode and using plug in adaptors as much as possible.

  • Schools should hardwire systems wherever possible, using WiFi as a last resort
  • Schools can consider education modules on using wireless devices safely
  • There is no such thing as a safe dose of WiFi, the baseline exposure should be zero

See below for a link to the MothersForSafeTech website and their Schools Campaign:

Write to your child's school

Some schools are grateful to learn this and catch up pretty fast by taking action to hardwire and reduce WiFi use. There is a certain risk/benefit analysis to be done, but the reasons not to hardwire need to be well justified.

Other schools will not accept that there is any proven harm or hazard from their WiFi systems and refer back to the PHE advice as their reason for doing nothing.  

Having been informed that the PHE advice is obviously ignoring a vast body of evidence, and that there have been global legal challenges to such guidelines (including the ICNIRP as the source) then attitudes of evasion or  “strategic unknowing / de-factualising” can be termed in law as “reckless indifference” and could carry liability.

Some UK lawyers are preparing a Statutory Nuisance Complaint which can be served on Councils and Schools.

An SNC asserts your Common Law and Statutory Right not to be exposed to a known bio-hazard – even if it is as yet un-regulated, or if current regulation is inadequate.

Shortcut to Health Effects

Interesting progress from Russia, who already ban WiFi in primary schools: