Smart Meters

Smart meters pulse information, similar to a text message, on a regular basis to your ‘Supplier’ aka billing agent. The signals are short fairly strong spikes, and do seem to have a curiously significant impact on health for some people. Not all the mechanisms are clear yet as to how exposure to low energy pulsed microwaves causes biological effects, but we do know they can cause harm at ‘non-thermal’ levels.

Avoidance is the best strategy, by reducing as many sources of radiation as possible, it is common sense really.

In the UK it is possible to replace a Smart Meter with a ‘dumb’ digital one. Ask your provider. If you can get a medical certificate declaring sensitivity and a medical need then there should be no fee and no argument.

If you don’t have that, then you still have rights, you can assert those or pay a fee c.£120-150 to have the meter replaced.

2023: Worldwide testimonies about smart meters


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Newly replaced meter – no radiation emitting

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