The extra capacity and extent of deployment of ‘5G’ and ‘smart city’ infrastructure will exponentially increase the surveillance capacity of the network. Once the IT platform is surrounding us, rather than limited to our mobile phones, then we become the fish in the sea, and there is no hiding.

We may still think that is fine whilst we are ‘good people’. Technocratic dictatorships offer no assurance that what we think is good and what they think is good will comfortably align.

This is no secret, it is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ushered to front stage by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

How can we be hooked up to the system ? Facial recognition is the first and obvious step, along with GPS phone tracking and number plate recognition. If we allow the ID marker to be inside us, then this gives the ultimate control.

How can we be controlled by the system ? If we accept a Digital Identity then all of our activities and services will be centralised around this point of reference, using blockchain technology. If we ‘displease’, then our banking, driving, shopping, leisure, freedoms … are all vulnerable to central censorship and control.

How will the frogs be boiled ? Make no mistake, the attempt to hook us up to Health Pass, Green Pass and to make this look normal, right and convenient will be Step 1. Then the mission creep can begin, our phones providing the Pass / QR code, and in future our bodies. The limits of the Passport will change and expand, they already are, as well as what it will control in your life.

Say NO ! remember governments are there to serve US, we have sovereign rights, uphold them.

Street lamps and bus shelters to help boost 5G roll out in £4 million trial

March 2023 – Our Coming Digital Prison with Aman Jabbi. 59mins
June 2022 – Western Surveillance Superstate rollout. 1hr 12mins

Health Pass

No evidence has been provided that the mandatory use of Covid passes will benefit public health.

Covid IDs don’t tell you that a person doesn’t have Covid or can’t spread Covid, but do make society less free and less accessible for people. In fact, advice from SAGE, the Welsh Technical Advisory Cell, and the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee in Westminster have warned that Covid passes could be ineffective, raise serious ethical issues, risk public health harms, and the latter even concluded that there is “no justification for them in the science and none in logic”.

Will we inadvertently ride this Trojan horse whilst we remain identified with the activities of daily life?

Blockchain ID

If we have our own digital identity it will be the central ledger for all our activity. If we adopt a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) then this will be linked to our ID, and our access to it controlled by our ‘score’. Think: Social Credit. Every purchase you make will have a score, and ‘impact’ limits will be set …. (Mastercard are starting now)

Digital Technocracy

Total control of everything we do and consume is the wildest dream of would be dictators, finally the technology has caught up to support the philosophy. If the platform and identity is further fused with our body – Cyber Physical Convergence – then, our capture is complete and mankind will dwell as digital slaves for many generations.

The government are already doing this

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Harvard University Professor Shoshana Zuboff has warned of the security and privacy issues associated with the increased surveillance that 5G would facilitate.

We need to act now to block Britain’s social credit system | The Spectator Nov 2021. There is a model for what will be coming our way if we do not resist vaccination passports and electronic ID cards:  China’s social credit system, which blacklists people for numerous antisocial offences, from crossing the…

Conspiracy theories aside, there is something fishy about the Great Reset. It’s a corporate takeover of global governance that affects our food, our data and our vaccines. Nov 2021

Exporting dystopia: China’s social credit system
US Air Force Brigadier-General Robert Spalding   : no opting out

The EU programme for a Digital Twin

MoD paper May 2021 – Human Augmentation

2019 ‘Absolute Zero’ report, authored by Imperial College London. The past 16 months have been part of a much more sinister agenda that has only just begun.


The State propaganda perpetuated by the media about COVID19 has convinced citizens, police, contact tracers, military and the good people of the world that the loss of freedoms and sweeping societal changes mandated by Governments are justified.

1 Create a domain of activity that is free of ‘anti-life’ intrusion. Where freedom is still intact.   Meditation and Prayer.  Sovereign parallel communities.  AI cannot do this.

2 Create friendships that are based on loving relationship. Not zoom. Nurture the social sphere.  AI cannot do this.

3  Nature: needs to receive our loving observation and attention. Focus on the realm of the Living.  AI cannot do this.

4 Create freedom from centralised control: Crypto financial alternatives, Freedom phone – de-googled Linux based phones.