YouTube and Film

Rise and Shine – Oliver Perceval lecture on 5G EMF Dangers and Solutions. January 2022.
Interview RFinfo Oliver Perceval on Wildhart radio.
 December 2021.

Very good interview with Dafna Tachover, Highwire March 2022, covers what I do, but she’s a frontline pro.

BRILLIANT 2021 Genotoxic EMF Human Rights Scandal – 38min

BRILLIANT 2020 5G Trojan Horse – 1h 36mins

Resonance; Beings of Frequency – 88 minutes

Generation Zapped – multi award winning documentary 2017

Dr. Devra Davis – The Truth About Mobile Phone  Wireless Radiation 2020. 1hr.

Fundamentals of RFR. 2020. 5 sections, 1.5hrs.

Washington DC Council Round table discussion of 5G

Children explaining symptoms – 4mins

“We Are The Evidence” Testimony to the FCC Disability Committee on Wireless Radiation Harms  – 5 minutes

Martha Herbert, Harvard Pediatric Neurologist on Electromagnetic Radiation, Autism and Brain Development May 2016  – 6 minutes 

Dr Devra Davis Lecture – The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation – abridged 7 minutes

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe Post interview – Electromagnetic radiation & 5G  – 5 minutes

Wireless wake-up call, Jeromy Johnson, TEDxBerkeley – 17 minutes

Why Wi-Fi Is So Harmful to Our Health, Dafna Tachover – 5 minutes