News November 2023

If you haven’t seen the 5G Exposé yet, here is another chance. The 5G Exposé brings together experts from across the World in the fields of wireless radiation, cancer, legislation and the law and is a must see for all: 2.5hrs, with timestamps for 7 expert speakers

Please send the Exposé to your Political Representatives as a matter of urgency, together with the Electrosmog Policy Brief, outlined further down this post.

A new initiative, The Childrens Declaration, will be delivered in person to the United Nations on World Children’s Day, November 20, 2023.

 ‘We encourage everyone to sign but will be highlighting to the United Nations the legal, health, and scientific experts, as well as child advocates. That said, signatures from the general public are essential. So please everyone sign on!’

Update on the EECC legal challenge to the UK government : The DOH response consisted of a declaration saying the challenge needs to be addressed to the department which used to be called DDCMS (Dept of digital, culture media and sport)  and they have passed on the submission to that dept.

Meanwhile do keep objecting to mast applications; general template letter, with EECC action, link.

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Mast Applications

•Take action steps on RFinfo:

•Take action masts forum:


Worthing residents ‘seething’ at plans to build 55ft 5G mast on their doorsteps.

The “Internet of Underwater Things” or “Smart Oceans” idea is crazier than crazy…. They aim to link up the Oceans to the (planned) 100,000 satellites in the sky and want to use sonar and/or light to communicate through the water…. It will be disastrous for Marine life and in particular Marine mammals.  Here is some more information:

 Internet of Underwater Things and Big Marine Data Analytics – A Comprehensive Survey

Smart Ocean Impacts of Technology on Marine Life – SafeTech international

This short video addresses plans to create an Internet of Underwater Things (IOUT) by connecting the Oceans to broadband satellites, thereby turning them into “smart” Oceans, causing untold suffering to Marine mammals and all Marine Life. 7mins.

Health and Research

Please see our Flyers page, new ones are asking the questions about exposure being safe and highlighting typical symptoms.

New Smart Meter Petition in the UK: for a response from the government 100,000 people need to sign it.  So please share in any way that you can. You can also see our Smart Meter page.

Letter of response from the Department of Energy Security & Net Zero in response to the RRT Letter of Complaint against the Energy Bill and Smart Meters, UK. This clarifies that there is no legal obligation for people to accept smart meters, though industry are heavily incentivised to succeed in expanding the network. The letter repeats the usual denial of health effects, they should know better to Eileen O’Conner! There are of course no plausible reasons yet for smart meters other than industry convenience and remote control.

The Government do not know who’s liable! Richard Vobes and Eileen O’Conner. 54mins.

The Great Smart Meter Swindle. 2018, 12mins, but still relevant.

What does ‘safe’ really mean?  The Hart Group explore 5G with Gillian Jamieson. Are public health officials abusing the word once again?

5G – Do NOT consent Music Video by Jalalo. And other articles, “The deployment of 5G — on both land and in space — MUST be stopped.”


The Staggering Ecological Impacts of Computation and the Cloud. This article offers an interesting perspective on our over usage of tech and the consequences for the environment.  I shudder to think of the consequences of the water used in the colling systems have on the natural rain clouds once it has been polluted with all that frequency.  Perhaps you would like to add the article to your website?

Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense Heal yourself with scalar waves webinar. Scalar waves are also part the mechanism for biological effects from pulsed microwave RF radiation. See below:

Technical proof: scalar waves exist.  Prof. Meyl shows not only the difference between the electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz 1888) and the scalar waves (Nikola Tesla 1897), but also different and more convenient ways to apply them.  From 56min mark he explains how Scalar waves function biologically with mobile phone technology.

Legal and Resistance

The 5G Exposé brings together experts from across the World in the fields of wireless radiation, cancer, legislation and the law and is a must see for all:

Being Swedish, it was particularly interesting for me to hear Dr Lennart Hardell (29 minutes into the Webinar) speak about the Electrosmog situation in Stockholm and show telling pictures of people unknowingly surrounded by base stations everywhere and thus bombarded with hair-raisingly high levels of wireless radiation.” 

This is of course a Global development and everyone, especially those in power, needs to see this illuminating Webinar – as well as the Electrosmog Policy Brief:

Electrosmog Policy Brief:

Key Points

  1. The study of electricity should be restored to biology and medicine.
  2. Personal wireless communication must be phased out because the radiation that carries all the messages is destroying life on earth.
  3. Mobile phones must be replaced with landline phones, WiFi with ethernet cables, and other wireless consumer devices with devices connected by wires and cables.
  4. Mobile phone antennas and masts must be phased out and removed.
  5. Wireless technology must be removed from vehicles.
  6. Smart meters must be replaced with analog meters.
  7. Smart highways, smart cities, and the Internet of Things must cease being developed and deployed.
  8. Radar stations must be limited in number, location and power.
  9. Radar (microwave) ovens should not be used for heating food.
  10. An international treaty on electrosmog, addressing radiation on land, in the oceans, and in space, must be drafted.

News October 2023

The challenge submitted to the Government in September remains of vital importance for the overall campaign. It focuses on the crux of councils’ duties to risk reconcile every mast application in conformance with EECC requirements. Their competence and role in doing this must be activated and clarified before masts can lawfully and objectively be assessed.

Every mast has site specific issues. A blanket ICNIRP certificate emphatically fails to address this. Please go to our blog page and take some action to support this.

General template letter, link.

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Mast Applications

•Take action steps on RFinfo:

•Take action masts forum:

Brighton Event: Oliver Perceval will be talking about RFR on Saturday 14th October.  Flyer.

Stop 5G Mast by Maidstone Schools – update. The mast was listed for installation this week but has mysteriously disappeared from the work schedule. If we were to be optimistic, we’d say that all the furore that’s been caused over the ICNIRP certificates has prompted Three to pull out of all of its planned masts in the Maidstone area for the time being. Who knows?

Prohibit 5G Masts near Schools and Nurseries – petition to UK gov.

Issue with invalid ICNIRP certificates.

It was discovered recently that the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) listed as ‘Lead Operator‘ on ICNIRP certificates sometimes is NOT the one lawfully registered with Ofcom “Register of persons with powers under the Electronic Communications Code“. 3 masts in Maidstone have just been refused due to this, and 33 more are also found to be fraudulently signed off.

Another Council recently acknowledged in two refusal notices that:

“Insufficient, inaccurate and incomplete technical information has been submitted, including
the coverage map for example, which cannot be relied upon to provide the high-quality evidence required by the NPPF and Code of Practice.”

A campaigner Julia was interviewed on the Richie Allen show about the ICNIRP / MNO issue and touched a few hearts, causing another ripple effect.

The Richie Allen Show Tuesday September 26th 2023 ( Listen from 30mins.

So, keep going, keep communicating, and focus on accurate and rational pressure.

A letter is also being sent to councils by a charity called ACHES, asking:

1.    What steps they have taken to canvass residents about exposure of vulnerable groups, and about radiation exposure not covered by ICNIRP.

2.    How they are going to report to the residents the increase in energy consumption in the borough as a result of granting planning permission for 5G masts, and under the climate emergency which they have declared.

3.    How they are going to account to the residents for the increase in ambient temperature caused by the 5G network, also reference the declared climate emergency.

They are aware that Councils’ concerns in this respect are primarily as follows:

  1. Following ICNIRP guidelines
  2. Net Zero policies
  3. Equality legislation
  4. Digital connectivity


Worthing residents ‘seething’ at plans to build 55ft 5G mast on their doorsteps.

Preseli Hills: Data mast row sparks national park fears

5G Mast Planning Application Rules: a good summary of the issues, written by Jon Davey, Councillor and Community Champion for “I Love Windsor”

New Quay couple lose sleep over 5G mast plans by their home – BBC news

Pembrokeshire: Wind and solar powered phone mast in UK first – BBC news

Health and Research

Brighteon University Announces Important Summit on 5G and EMF Radiation October 7-16th.

UK: Mobile phones are to be banned in schools as education secretary Gillian Keegan is set to announce a dramatic intervention – to the relief of millions of parents and teachers. The reason is not explicitly due to the radiation, but the equally important impact on mental health and discipline.

France first to ban iPhone 12 due to radiation in excess of ICNIRP guidelines. France’s radiation watchdog has banned sales of Apple’s (AAPL.O) iPhone 12 after tests that it said showed the smartphone breached European radiation exposure limits. France used accredited labs and found the iPhone 12’s absorption of electromagnetic energy by the body is around 5.74 watts per kilogram. The acceptable standard for Europe and South Korea is 4.0 watts per kilogram.

The NGO Phonegate Alert and the numerous international organizations mobilized alongside it, including CHD, are asking French and European authorities to recall all iPhones 12 5G (model A2403) sold in Europe and that current owners be compensated by Apple.

Please sign the petition and share widely.

Electric YOUniverse – Unlock The Secret. There’s a powerful life-force energy that’s within and all around you and all living things, at all times. What if I told you certain frequencies (cell phone radiation , WiFi etc.) weaken your biofield and can drive chronic health conditions including cancer?


Your WiFi Can See You. WiFi is electromagnetic waves in the 2.4 and 5 GHz ranges. It’s the same thing as the light you see, only it can penetrate walls due to its much longer wavelength. Just like light (and echolocation) these waves also reflect off various surfaces and, when reconstructed properly, can be used to create an image.

A concise summary of how the system could turn against us, will it, has it ? “CONTROL BEHAVIOURS THROUGH MILITARY DIRECTED ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES” (DEW) – see 3min 20 mark.

Technical proof: scalar waves exist. Prof. Meyl shows not only the difference between the electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz 1888) and the scalar waves (Nikola Tesla 1897), but also different and more convenient ways to apply them.

Legal and Resistance

In South Korea.  Telecoms fined because of their ruthless marketing of phones.

The UK made a move to all but mandate smart meters by 2025, in its new Energy Security Bill.

Eight Norwegians have applied to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) as to electricity smart meters and health issues from microwaves and from dirty electricity (July 2023)

Info pages, application, Letter of Support, Annexes. PDF. 81 Mb. Download for free:

The following two books are available for free download. They are full of sources and explications, also as to general topics around EMF and health, the science and standards.

Einar Flydal & Else Nordhagen: Smart meters, dirty electricity, pulses and health, book, 242 pages. ISBN 978-82-692792-2-1 (PDF, download for free:

Einar Flydal and Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad AS: Smart Meters, the Law and Health, book, 210 pages. ISBN 978-82-692792-3-8. PDF, download for free:

“In our time, the most important thing is to bring forward truths – put plainly, to give lectures about truths. What people then do about this is up to their freedom. One should go no further than to lecture on, to communicate truths. Whatever consequences there are should follow as a free decision, thus as consequences follow when decisions are made out of the impulses one has on the physical plane. It is exactly the same in the case of things that can only be guided from the spiritual world itself.”

Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double, 7 Lectures in St. Gallen, Zurich and Dornach, 1917

Rudolf Steiner