Save Our Landlines


Help us maintain full access to our well-established and vital landline network.  

Telecom companies are planning to pull the plug on our essential landlines in favour of less-regulated, less reliable and more expensive wireless phones or Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP). They lack a sensible plan to keep people safely and reliably connected. British Telecom (BT), for example, have already been moving customers from landlines to internet connections, although they have temporarily postponed the rollout after escalating complaints from concerned customers.

BT to end landline phones sparking fears for millions of vulnerable and elderly people:  “Around six percent of households – roughly 1.5million homes – do not have access to the Internet, according to watchdog                    Ofcom.”

Dismantling landlines will cost us our safety, health, jobs, and cut off critical emergency communications access to millions of people. We must defend our landlines from unscrupulous telecom companies and governments. If you want to keep your choice to have a reliable landline in your home or business, you need to act now:

Please sign this Call to Action, contact your MP and spread the word to friends and family.

Re-investing in our copper telephone landline network will be beneficial to Public Health, Security and Ecology as it serves as a necessary, reliable and safe alternative to power-grid dependent, energy-hungry communications systems like VOIP and mobile phone services. There is no longer any question whether wireless radiofrequency (RF) radiation – used in mobile phone communications and wireless devices – is harmful to humans and wildlife. Commonly identified health consequences of short and longer term exposures include: insomnia, headaches, cancer, autism, and other serious and life changing ailments.

Tens of thousands of scientific papers (linked herein) have cited connections to the role of EMFs in a multitude of adverse health effects, including depression, infertility, cancer, damage to DNA/gene expression, oxidative stress, pregnancy complications, melatonin production, neurological disorders, immune dysfunction, Alzheimers/dementia, leukaemia, and many, many more.

Over 1,600 scientific papers can be found here:

Another 4000+ studies can be found here:

And another 23,840 studies also linked here:

Finally, here is a recent compilation of the vast number of known biological effects: