Shortcomings in Telco mast applications

Telecoms usually say that there are gaps in the service, therefore a new 5G mast is needed : this is usually NOT true. Under NPPF para 115 Telco applicants must prove gap in service. A gap in 5G is not usually significant – because 3G-4G suffices, and is usually there.

A gap must be such that an end user/customer cannot connect to a landline – and thus most applications must fail, and are falsely presented in the SSSI report of Telco Prior Approval applications.

“The number of radio and electronic communications masts, and the sites for such installations, should be kept to a minimum consistent with the needs of consumers, the efficient operation of the network and providing reasonable capacity for future expansion.”

NPPF para 115

Incorrect claim: UK gov – 5G masts have no significant impact on consumption.

Industry Fact: 5G is power hungry and can consume 3-4x energy required for 4G, and maybe up to 61x by 2030. There would also be mutliple x more 5G masts for a mmWave spectrum.

No transparency: unanswered FOIR and Objection letter requests:

Connection and Service: prioritise wired broadband. How do we know that wireless services will connect the unconnected?

Telecoms need added capacity for future demand : added capacity not supported by Telecoms Act ? (why wouldnt it be though – industry should anticipate demand)

Digital Equity : 5G unlikely to remedy, more likely to make it worse. Devaluation of property by up to 20%. Could be impossible to get a mortgage within Fall Zone.

UKHSA emission limits : Immunizes industry from liability for personal harm. Safe for public ?? FCC found guilty in Spupreme Court 2021 of refusing to review 11,000pp of scientific studies showing harm below ICNIRP limits, judged as “arbitrary and capricious”. Outdate 1996 limits remanded back for re-appraisal.

Adverse health and environmental impacts : no pre-market testing, IARC classified as possible carcinogen (2B) in 2011. New Hants commission found harm below FCC/ICNIRP limits.

Wireless Radiation : is a pollutant characterised by Telecoms. Personal injury is not insured.

Design of new generation multi mode 5G mast in USA: