How to protect yourself Against artificial Electro-Magnetic Radiation

May 14, 2022

By Tanja Katarina Rebel

1. De-smarting: De-smart your home and your personal life. Get rid of all wireless devices. If you don’t have a landline already, get one. Turn off the wireless feature of your WiFi router and connect your computer with an ethernet cable. Remember to also deactivate the wireless feature and blue tooth on your devices as well. Talk to neighbours about switching from “smart” to wired connections. If they will not get rid of their WIFI, ask them to at least turn it off at night so it doesn’t disturb your sleep – and theirs. 

2. Earthing: Shielding your body is not a good idea as we are Electro-Magnetic Beings that rely on the natural frequencies of Earth. Instead of shielding, Earth/Ground yourself as much as possible, as this will counteract the over-charging with positive ions resulting from exposure to artificial radiation. Much like a battery can be recharged, Earth will recharge your body with much needed negative ions. Walk barefooted on natural ground as much as possible (the moister the ground the better, as it is even more conductive), or remove your shoes and socks, and relax on a chair with your feet touching the ground. Better yet, paddle in a stream/the sea or – if you are brave – swim in the ocean, the most grounding of all. Here is a video on the importance of grounding for our health – two minutes and well worth watching: 

3. Get an Electrosmog Detector: An Electrosmog meter will help you discern the radiation hotspots in and around your home and work. You can also use it to help others become aware, not in the least “smart” phone wielders who are polluting not only themselves, but you as well. Smart, after all, is the new “Tobacco”, albeit worse as it is neither visible nor can it be smelled. A detector with a traffic light system and sound (such as the Acousticom II) is a great way to show people exactly what they are exposing themselves to as well as others.

4. Shield your home: Whilst shielding your body is not a good idea, shielding your home is —especially your bedroom, which is where your body recharges and regenerates during the night. However, be sure you shield it properly so it doesn’t worsen the situation. Use your Electrosmog meter to find out where the radiation comes from first. Once shielded, do not use any wireless devices inside your home or you will make the situation worse as you are causing the frequencies to amplify and bounce back onto you! Here is some good advice on how to shield your home: If you have funds to consult with a Building Biologist or someone else knowledgeable, that would be even better.

5. Inner shielding: Instead of shielding your body from the outside, it may be good to shield it from the inside. Research has shown that Electrosmog affects the microbiotic cells first and foremost, so strengthening your microbiome can help protect you. There is a product called Praesidium which contains Arthrospira Platensis (Spirulina) which Nasa Astronauts use to protect them from radiation in space. It also contains Horsetail and a host of Probiotics. I have not tried this myself yet, but serious studies suggest that whilst electrosmog has a negative effect on heart rate variability and reduces it, Praesidium can raise it significantly. Of course, generally eating a healthy diet of natural organic foods, lots of fermented veggies high in probiotics, and including algae/spirulina can all go a long way to help.

6. Your Home: If you can choose where to live, try to move as far away from urban areas as possible, preferably to a valley by a stream with trees surrounding you. Generally, the higher up you are the more radiation you will be exposed to, so a valley would be preferable. Flowing bodies of water generate negative ions, and trees block radiation. (This is why so many trees have been cut down to make way for 5G.) A mature tree absorbs up to 80% of radiation from nearby cell towers.

7. Cherish Your Time in Nature: Go out into nature as much as you can – preferably barefooted! If you cannot walk barefooted, get shoes which have soles that can Earth you – here’s a good link, And while outdoors, allow your heart to rekindle its love for the beauty, generosity, and peace of the natural world, to which we all belong.