Safer use of wireless technology

With exposure to wireless RFR so hard to avoid we should develop some simple new habits in order to minimise our exposure where it is within our power.

Put your phone on airplane mode when not in use and certainly when in your pocket. (bluetooth/wifi/mobile data off)

Recent studies have shown that phones even exceed the regulated exposure levels or SAR rating.

The phone small print also states that you should not have the device within 12-20mm of your body – this indemnifies the company, but no-one reads this far or realises.

Hardwire for your phone/iPad/laptop – with a simple RJ45 to device adaptor

This lets you use your wireless facilities whilst on airplane mode or for laptops, with wifi off.

Suggested but not endorsed :

For iPad/phone: RJ45 to Lighting Port

This one is expensive, but works, and provides power at the same time. cheaper ones literally seem to fail quickly.

For laptop: RJ45 to USB

This one has the right chip for Mac, many simply dont work.

Turn off your wireless signal at night, and in the day if you can.

Find the URL e.g in your modem manual for the online smart hub manager. Control the WiFi signal settings from there, rather than switching the whole thing off.

Night time is the most critical time that sleep is not affected by the RFR. Studies show disruption to melatonin cycles. The body needs to relax at night and not maintain adaptive stress mode.

NOTE: some routers such as BT will NOT actually switch off the signal, despite them saying so, they just block access. You can physically switch off of course, but that can over time register as a fault. You can buy a 3rd party router, or for BT watch this video:

How to switch off a BT router

Third party modems

JRSeco do modems which have adjustable power settings etc:

Powerline adaptors

These allow ethernet to be routed from your modem along your power cables to be picked up at any socket. It does create ‘dirty electricity’, but is better than full spectrum wifi.

Make sure they DONT have auto WiFi, many do!

Modem shields

These are placed over the modem, with different grades depending on the reduction in radiation needed. They reduce the signal strength when you cant always turn off the WiFi signal.

Likewise you can buy bed canopies which can be hung around and under a bed to block out any incident microwave radiation.

EMF fabrics and clothes : Bed Canopies

PoM EMF Phone Shield

Shield your phone and use it at the same time.

The aerial will plug into your phone/tablet to collect a Mobile signal at a distance from you, whilst the phone in active mode is shielded in a faraday pouch.

Receive calls and messages and speak using a wired headset. The PoM shield is a soft enclosure which reduces by 99.9% the EMF emitted by your mobile phone while diverting them to a remote antenna, far from you. Hook up the antenna connector to the PoM and redirect the EMF away from you by placing the antenna stand somewhere in the room or on a window, up to 5m away.

With the PoM shield you can leave your phone next to you, and even use it for voice calls, and at the same time be away from potentially stressing electromagnetic radiation.

Stay in balance, eat well, breathe fresh air, earth yourself

physical, bioenergy practices
bare feet on fresh grass

Physical detox:

The cleaner our system the more vitality and resilience we have. We should remove heavy metals and toxins, and then eat natural food.

Detox is also emotional and mental ….

Above all, if you cannot change things then adopt a loving acceptance instead of fear

Recommended EMF home survey consultants:

EMF surveys Berkshire / London: Samir

EMF surveys Wales:

EMF surveys (with full mapping report and dosage evaluations at all frequencies <13ghz)
– Electricity/magnetic surveys including HF transients (dirty electricity)
– Installation of ethernet, adaptors, home-hubs, disabling WiFi (fully qualified technician)
– Installation of custom android ROM’s on smartphones to remove big brother / tracking stuff

Shielding and earthing sheets:

Total shielding and blocking isn’t necessarily the best idea (unless your EHS needs it) because you can inadvertently increase levels by deflection and leakage. The best steps are to remove RFR sources from within your house, and then use a meter to strategically deal with outside sources. Specialist advice should ideally be paid for.

The Earthing Movie:

For very good grounding and shielding advice have a browse through these links:

Printable Resources from the Environmental Health Trust