Database of UK mast refusals

Here is a selection of Mast decisions/applications across the UK showing number of rejections and outcome of the applications.

Posting objections, however brief or involved, does help inform planners and councillors of the other side of the story.

We don’t know if they are refusing with public health in the back of their minds (whilst still holding the line that incompatible use, arising for example from harm to health and environment, is not a material consideration* and so cannot overtly be given as a reason for refusal), however alot masts are refused, at least on the more subjective grounds of ‘appearance and siting’.

Our main register is here.

400 object in Glastonbury March 2022  – mast withdrawn

300 object in bath Nov 2020 –  mast refused

160 objections in Ashford, Kent April 2022 – mast refused

122 objections in Havant, Hampshire July 22

100 objections in Caversham July 2022

70 comments in Cambridge  July 2022

59 objections in Worcester April 2022 – mast refused and the appeal by Telecoms failed

40 objections in Reading June 2022 –  mast refused

30 objections in Southampton in June 22

30 objections in Derby July 2022 – mast refused

28 objections  in Thurrock August 2022 – mast refused

3 MPs (UK national politicians) object in Spalding May 2022

26 objections in Hunningham Warwickshire Sep 2021

17 object in Linslade Sep 2021