News July 2022

Growing anti-5G movement in Europe, new UK group gathering data on mast exposure for service on councils and legal bundles, environmental cost of 5G, new 5G meter, new film on EHS.

Mast applications

The latest 5G Street Hub application in Cheltenham considered at appeal has been dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate. The Inspector mentioned a lack of need for a mobile phone mast in the location, and was sceptical about the justification for ‘Smart City’ aspects in the unit! There are no more of these applications left in the planning system here now – all 9 of them were stopped!

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An avalanche of green reports won’t cool the climate. Who can trust industry claims about 5G’s sustainability? 23 JUNE 2022, Miguel Coma

Guillaume Pitron: The shifting conflicts and costs of ‘green’ energy

“5G & Other Wireless Radiation Is Having A Detrimental Impact On Bees: Here’s The Science”, by Mr. Arjun Walia from December 31, 2021, published in The Pulse, very well worth reading and contemplating. Mr. Walia is one of the better science writers on the planet, and deserves to be read and followed.

Health and Research

When it comes to EMF issues, one of the most frequently heard phrases is “There is no evidence to support EMFs having health effects” or simply “There is no conclusive evidence”. This is completely wrong; there is an enormous body of evidence out there, but public and even academic awareness seems to be very poor. Here is a recent compilation of the vast number of known biological effects:

And ours:

Electrosensitive society website.  For information on sensitivity we use 3% for severe symptoms and 35% for mild to moderate symptoms.  Over 200 capital cities, their population in 2019 and the percentage of severely and moderately sensitivity individuals is provided.

22min film on ES: Electra is a girl like any other: she spends her time studying, shares an apartment with a close friend and leads a carefree life. Suddenly however, she begins to suffer from strange symptoms that disturb her sleep and cause migraines, loss of balance, even fainting.  (film below)

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 80: Invisible Poisoning — Wireless Radiation + Advocacy With Cecelia Doucette


You can sign up for WEF 5G updates: This gives an overview of 5G from the top down perspective. You can sign up to receive WEF updates

From Pro 5G camp:  BIRMINGHAM. Peter Clarke is always useful for updates on the ‘wonder’ of the new tech!

New 5G meter

June 2022 – Western Surveillance Superstate rollout. 1hr 12mins

Western surveillance superstate

Legal and Resistance

Clip from EHTrust interview on the FCC’s dismissal of the NIH NTP Study on Cell Phone Radiation

A growing anti-5G movement is getting in the way of Europe’s digital ambitions, 15 capitals warned the EU Commission as they called for a robust strategy to counter concerns about the new technology.