News June 2022

Progress in case law for ElectroSensitive citizens. EHS day video released. Tower switched off after damage to cows. New UK petition…

Mast Applications

Digitalising Wilmslow: 5G Assault on Health and Environment without informed consent. SafeTech Int.

Take action steps on RFinfo:


For the birds. SafeTechInt.

3 videos of experts talking about impacts of RFR and 5G on human health, insects die-offs and carbon emissions. 

The UN, Technology Addiction, and The Eruption of Deep-Sea Mining. SafeTechInt.

Health and Research

Brilliant World EHS Day Video. 16th June 2022. 1hr of 2min testimonials from EHS sufferers.

EHS Refugees: 52mins


Radwin Jet – industry video showing smart beam forming antenna, 2.5mins

What Does 5G Sound Like? Expert Investigation

Legal and Resistance

CHD Urges FCC to End Discrimination Against People Disabled by Electromagnetic Sensitivity

59 year old social worker wins ‘early ill health retirement’ for disabling ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) – Phire Medical

Cell Tower Turned Off by Court After Farmer Complained that Its Radiation was Damaging His Cows’ Health 

Prohibit 5G technology in the UK. Petition: On the basis of the European Parliamentary Research Service’s latest study of the health impact of 5G, I would like the Government to prohibit 5G technology in the UK. This should include the installation and operation of 5G masts.