Quantum Electro Biology

Taking a look into possible solutions for overall health, and to understand more about the impacts of non native EMF (nnEMF), we can learn alot from Dr Jack Kruse who bridges the gap between what we feel and experience to be true with how science is catching up with explaining what is going on.

The ‘Thermal effects only’ model that still stubbornly informs national exposure guidelines is justified by PHE because “there are no known mechanisms by which any other harm could be caused”. 

To persist in toeing such a line shows an immaturity and hubris of epic proportions, and certainly dishonours the scientific method. For starters here are 1000pp by Ronald Kostoff of the Georgia Institute of Technology Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History giving epidemiological facts that challenge the wilful blindness of governments and industry. How can we deny what we see just because we cannot understand the ‘how’ ? That however is changing, and such excuses will need to stop as mechanisms begin to be understood and measured.

As usual our species careers into fascination with new ideas and technologies, only to overdo it and come out somewhat fried and frayed the other side but realising that Nature in fact did know best in the first place. We know that Nature is the Master: drugs mimic her, engineering mimics her, systems of law and order mimic her, our bodies are a microcosmic temple to ‘all that is’ … and so it should be no surprise to hear Jack Kruse extol the virtues of morning and evening full spectrum sunlight, cold water bathing and living water. We come back to basics and square the circle.

We are talking about the emerging discipline of Quantum Electro Biology, which observes and starts to explain the magical power of LIGHT, of photons, of magnetism, of nature – to heal us, to provide a blueprint for re-balancing us, and so bring us back to optimal health and vitality. Photons only act on Electrons, photons create a quantum yield that runs the batteries of life.

We encounter concepts such as quantum yield, cold and light induced thermogenesis, photon flux density, photo-biomodulation, quantum tunnelling, jump conduction, exclusion zone water, entanglement of photon receptors between the gut and the skin … As mechanisms are explained and understood we can also learn to trust our senses and more boldly embrace change and new habits.

We are Electronic Beings, and we ignore the science of life at our peril …. this is about Non-Ionising radiation, and how it DOES drive and affect biological processes.

International EMF Project, WHO

Attached is a study published under the umbrella of the WHO International EMF project in June 2022 which shows how these subjects are now being recognised and presented seriously within such institutions. Granted, 2022 is a bit behind the curve since these matters have been known to thoughtful science since at least the 1960’s, and intuited forever; granted the WHO appears to be captured in many areas, but let’s be grateful for any progress that gains more exposure and general acceptance for important knowledge that is cheap and easy.

•The report starts with discussions of how full spectrum sunlight stimulates all manner of photo-electric processes in the body.

•From p.18 there are some important observations about magnetic field effects on Oxygen dipoles that induce climate warming, and are driven by solar cycles.**

•From p.21 are some interesting observations on mRNA injections.

•Towards the end the role of Public Bodies in needing to be better informed and regulated to provide protection from nnEMF hazards is discussed.

**The IPCC have said that climate mechanics are so fundamentally non-linear that a rise above 1.5degrees is by no means a given (effect of water vapour on buffering heat)


Link to main WHO article.

Dr Jack Kruse on Quantum Biology

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