News September 2022

An article published by mainstream Scientific American questions the safety of 5G. More reports on environmental impacts of RFR. Two major legal cases re-started, Phonegate and Murray v. Motorola, and progress at the New Hants policy action.

Mast applications

Take action steps on RFinfo:

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5G mast in Solihull rejected after 100’s of objections.

West Berkshire Council rejects telecom masts

BBC: West Berkshire Council pushes back on new 5G masts

UK National Residents Association website launched: community groups measuring and reporting RFR exposure levels

5G in merton NEWSLETTER

Action: Please contact your MP and ask him/her to support this Telecommunications infrastructure bill which is at second reading stage. 


French court orders mast switch off after 40 cow deaths

Cellphonetaskforce: submission-to-fish-and-wildlife-service-on-the-american-bumble-bee

Update on Massive Insect Decline Since 5G Activated on Greek Island (Chart Included). Insect declines have continued on Samos since the introduction of 5G. The situation has worsened since 5G became commercially available from July 1, 2022. 

Children’s Health: resources from CHD on EMR at school

Feel the buzz? That could be your home falling in value from 5G … RFinfo article

Health and Research

EMF-Academy: Radiation in cars: sources of radiation and some solutions.

From 2013 but a recent reminder: A review on recent studies on brain exposure to RF radiations. “… there is strong and robust evidence that chronic exposures to [RFR] cause increased rates of brain cancer and other carcinogenic symptoms. It can therefore be related that there is no safe threshold because of the genotoxic nature of the mechanism that may however be involved.”

Blue light: Researchers advise kids to limit blue light exposure

Quantum Biology: new RFinfo article

Leaked T-mobile report on RFR effects: RFinfo article


Cellphonetaskforce: what you need to know about RFR. August 2022 update.

ChildrensHealthDefense: Smart Meters – The Household Device That Spies on You 24/7

Ole Johanssen – view, and support his research

How does Starlink Satellite Internet Work? technical video

FBI, Gov’t Cybersecurity Center Warn about Security Risks with A.I., 5G Networks, Smart Hospitals, Medical Devices, etc.

Legal and Resistance

Scientific American Magazine: we have no reason to believe 5G is safe

After 21-Year Delay, Judge Hears Evidence in Lawsuit Alleging Cellphones Caused Plaintiffs’ Brain Cancer.

The New Hampshire State House Study Subcommittee of the Science, Technology, and Energy Committee has voted for further policy action regarding the issue of radio-frequency radiation. 

The new filings included a Report “Scientific and Policy Developments in Radiofrequency Radiation December 2019 through November 29, 2021” documenting the critical new scientific research studies published over the last two years which confirm biological effects from wireless radiation and the urgent need to strengthen the FCC’s regulations. The scientists assert that, if the FCC does not officially re-open the record, its response to the Court order would be deficient as it would lack the most recent scientific evidence and be an out-of-date review. 

Phonegate Canada: Court authorizes class action against Apple and Samsung

No More Lies About 5G. Did you know the UK government is mired in scandal and faces legal action over the 5G roll out? Since legal action was launched, the government has aimed to protect the roll out, and further the Internet of Things pertaining to all things digital.