News May 2022

Mast applications

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EHT: 5g is not-so-green and could increase energy use, University of Sussex business school report

“5G will prompt Energy Consumption to Grow by staggering 160% in 10 years”

5G Cell Towers Cause Massive Insect Decline on the Greek island of Samos

Health and Research

Manmade Electromagnetic Fields and Oxidative Stress – Swiss study

STOA Health impact of 5G – European Parliament

EHT publishes a study on website about excessive radiation levels in Columbia, S.C.

How realistic are claims about the benefits of using digital technologies for GHG emissions mitigation?


Why 5G Is Dangerous for Planes — and People – great interview Tachover/Bigtree

Legal / counterpoint

Stop 5G EU citizen initiative: stay connected but protected

Call for an immediate moratorium on 5G satellites mega-constellations worldwide until the environmental adverse effects are resolved.