News March 2023

Action against 5G – judgement issued 7th March. Grounds dismissed. For the case update from the legal team please see here. The judgement can be read here.

5G Objectors Rights – Judicial Review March 2023. The grounds were dismissed, watch this space for the case analysis. There is a case update on the funding page after the hearing last week.

Mast Applications

•Take action steps on RFinfo:

•Take action masts forum:

•UK National Residents Association website: community groups measuring and reporting RFR exposure levels

Planning rules for 5G masts in England Dec 2022

A petition about the Lewes mast has just been launched – do please support 

Updated blog on mast refusal in Mendip on health grounds

We did it no more tower.  Nuneaton and Bedworth council have confirmed they will not be erecting the mast on Smorrall Lane opposite Bellaire Avenue, thank you to all those helped.


Glastonbury Town Council Meeting, 14 March 2023. Sandi Adams delivers powerful 11min speech on Smart Cities and Agenda 2021/2030. These surveillance systems of course require 5G/6G to operate. It is a topic that has engaged a whole raft of new people to question imposed policies, and who can hopefully sideways now understand more about 5G and its attendant hazards.

How to shield yourself from the 5G menace. Conservative Woman. G.Jamieson.

EMF’s Effect on Insects: Is Your Cell Phone Eradicating the Bee Population? SYB Las Vegas Feb 2023

EMF & Birds: Why EMF Pollution is Devastating for Birds SYB Las Vegas March 2023

Health and Research

Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the FCC and ICNIRP exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiation: implications for 5G. Reposting because it’s a seminal report.

5G Towers Can Make Healthy People Sick, Two Case Reports Show. Children’s Health Defense. A new case report on two previously healthy men who developed “microwave syndrome” symptoms after a 5G cell tower was installed on the roof of their office, and a similar report published last month, show that non-ionizing 5G radiation can cause health problems in people with no prior history of electromagnetic sensitivity.

Referenced articles: Here are our two first articles on 5G and the microwave syndrome.  Note that these persons got the health problems after installation of 5G.  They had exposure 3G/4G since before.  In my mind more problems are to come.  It reminds me on my studies on phenoxy herbicides and dioxins – all started with case reports.  I include a historical paper on that, see phenoxyacetic acids/dioxins.

Kind regards,  Lennart Hardell

“Substantial scientific evidence” shows that RF radiation from mobile phones causes cancer. Natural News.

9 Leading Experts: RF Radiation Can Lead to Brain Damage, Alzheimer’s. Children’s Health Defence

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Addiction Expert, Discusses Risks to Children from Screen Time and Tech Overuse. Solari Report. The main topic is about screens BUT mention is made of EMFs and so this could be a good way of engaging parents – initially about problems such as ADHD but ultimately EMFs. 


Our Coming Digital Prison with Aman Jabbi. Aman is always very lucid on this issue. Smart Cities, digital fascism and the path to get there if we allow ourselves to be the boiling frogs.

It is helpful also to read the LightPaper article on ‘controlled money’, use cash ….

How living in a Smart City makes you a prisoner. StopWorldControl

Why you should say no to getting a smart meter Daily Telegraph UK

Torsion Fields and RFR. This is a harmoniser product, but the article is interesting in its discussion of torsion fields and their significance in how we react to pulse modulated EMFs.

Your iPhone Can Track You and Expose EMF When It’s Off. Completely OFF!

Legal and Resistance

UK action against 5G judgement Hot off the press, analysis and official commentary tbc.

Demand FCC recognise EMS/EHS and implement fibre.

Will Sheffield be the first Berkshire (USA) town to keep telecom and 5G in check? It’s up to voters

The DCMS are adding 3 new people to their 5G push.

  • Designing and implementing policies to drive take-up of innovative 5G-enabled services (such as remote healthcare).
  • Working with DCMS’ Barrier Busting Taskforce to design and deliver policies to make it cheaper and easier to rollout 5G. 
  • Leading strategic engagement with local authority and industry stakeholders to speed up deployment of 5G networks, and developing close partnerships with government departments to support digital infrastructure rollout.
  • Supporting the Government’s work on key structural and regulatory issues affecting the mobile market. 

Global Day of Unplugging 2023. sundown to sundown March 3-4. Unplug Collaborative. Be the change you wish to see.

Radiation court case against Belgium and the EU.