News November 2022

Action Against 5G: The full-day UK Judicial Review Court Hearing will take place at The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand, London WC2A 2LL on Tuesday, 13th December.

Mast applications

On our Blog page we have two new resources to help tackle existing masts and current procedures for approving masts. One is a preliminary step before formal Statutory Nuisance complaints, which we are calling a Public Interest request, the other is a direct FOI request for data on impact assessments and technical data on the actual max power output and drop off of proposed masts.

Take action steps on RFinfo:

Take actions masts forum:

UK National Residents Association website launched: community groups measuring and reporting RFR exposure levels

Plans for mast in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park sparks opposition

New York eyes towering achievement, controversy. Residents react to view-altering 5G antennas


AA5G. Reduce energy costs: stop the 5g rollout


Health and Research

Free Webinar Dec 4th. TACKLING THE 5G & EMF NIGHTMARE – Why you should be concerned & what you can do

Free Seminar Thursday Dec 1st. Prevention of harm in mobile telecommunication. Dr. David Gee, Former Senior Science Adviser European Environmental Agency, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Pollution Research and Policy, Brunel University, London

Living 4D with Paul Chek: EP 191 — Dimitry Serov: EMF Hazards: A Life-or-Death Situation on Apple Podcasts. Founder of Airestech harmonisers, Mr Serov, gives a well grounded discussion of the science behind neutralising negative impacts of pulse modulated RFR. Aires Tech spent $2 million over two years on technical due diligence required by Canadian regulators to take the company public in 2019.

Dr Sam Bailey interviews Eileen O’Connor. Eileen O’Connor is a Co-founder and Director of the EM Radiation Research Trust and has over 20 years experience with EMF activism after discovering a cancer cluster in her village that was caused by a cell phone mast.  She put the government on notice regarding 5G in 2019.

Full steam ahead for 5G – and let’s not even think about the damage to health. Conservative Woman.


Time to question the safety of 5G. Mark Pickles. Very good overview covering the WEF project for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the critical interface with 5G.

BT slows pace of fibre roll-out amid high inflation and new cost control targets

ICBE Flawed Assumptions short video Havas Oct 2022. Referring to the new ICBE-EMF paper.

Insider Paper, India. My comment was deleted ! Experts say that mobile tower radiation has no negative effects on human health.

International Scientists, German High Schoolers: The “Thermal Threshold Theory” is Becoming Extinct

Legal and Resistance

How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns

Lets remember the 10,000pp of evidence of harm entered into the public record for the EHT/CHD vs. FCC lawsuit