News September 2023

This month sees the launch of a new legal challenge to the government. On 12th September 2023 a challenge was submitted to the Department of Health & Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities seeking remedies to their joint failure to enact public health protection provisions of the EUROPEAN ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS CODE (EECC 2018).

The submission gives support to citizens and the local authorities in calling for this untested rollout to be halted until protection measures are defined and secured.

The challenge fully evidences (Appendix 2) why accepting an ICNIRP certificate is not enough to protect the public even from the ICNIRP levels of exposure. Councils who understand this and the other environmental and human risks of a rapid Telco rollout can justifiably use this thoroughly referenced document to support refusals of applications until the correct tools, information and powers are clearly granted to local authorities by the Government.

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Mast Applications

•Take action steps on RFinfo:

•Take action masts forum:

Friends in Hammersmith and Fulham- Help needed. Please add your voice to objections there for the application for a mast on Dawes Road, the closing date is 27th Sept.  See this link to get started.

Brighton Event: Oliver Perceval will be talking about RFR on Saturday 14th October. Flyer.


Do electromagnetic fields used in telecommunications affect wild plant species? A control impact study conducted in the field. June 2023. Over the last three decades there has been an unprecedented increase in both the coverage of wireless communication networks and the resultant radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) exposure level. There is growing concern that this rapid environmental change may have unexpected consequences for living organisms.

Property owners who don’t comply with new energy rules may face prison. Breathtaking hypocrisy as on the other hand they permit the unbridled increase in power consumption and environmental footprint of the 5G and IOT rollout. Is 5G Green ?

Health and Research

The Government’s Reassurances on 5G Safety Fail to Persuade – Daily Sceptic, Gillian Jamieson

A French regulator has said that iPhone 12 models exceeded the SAR limit allowed by the EU when held in hand or in a trouser pocket. (unsafe up to 5cm)

Also DailyMail and other media

Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system. Mada Havas 2013, so a 10 year reminder.


£72.5-million investment for laser and radio frequency weapons. Three contracts awarded to produce new Directed Energy Weapons advanced demonstrators for British Army vehicles and Royal Navy frigate.

Phonegate Alert Ready to Take Legal Action against ANFR’s Failings. After several unanswered emails to the Agence nationale des fréquences (ANFR), Phonegate Alert officially notified it on August 23, 2023, to find out whether it had complied with its obligation to inform European Union authorities of the non-compliance of 42 cell phone models exceeding the set Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) threshold, in accordance with what is laid down in the so-called “RED” Directive 2014/53/EU.

Legal and Resistance

UK challenge to EECC transposition. To read more please click to our Blog Page.

Do watch The Earthing Movie. It is a total eye-opener and will help in combating the current “smart” assault – from your own feet and up!