News December 2023

Update on the EECC legal challenge to the UK government : we have finalised the letter before action correspondence with the government, who have failed to provide a substantive response so the Judicial Review application is now being prepared and will be filed on 11th December.

Meanwhile do keep objecting to mast applications; general template letter, with EECC action, link.

Application to The European Court of Human Rights – Action Against 5g

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Mast Applications

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NEWYDDION GWYCH – MAST APPEAL DECLINED. Thanks to the Inspectorate for deciding in favour of common sense. It was good to see so many and such a wide cross-section of the inhabitants at the meeting, so keen to protect the Preselau.

Data mast plan for Pembrokeshire national park rejected

(June) Pembrokeshire: Wind and solar powered phone mast in UK first

Microwaving Our Planet. In an effort to connect every “thing”, event, and place on the planet to the internet, and to transition militaries into a new model of warfare, plans are for launching over 1,000,000 satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to integrate and communicate with terrestrial 4G/5G, and the internet of underwater things (IoUT).

As of April 2nd, 2021, over 80 countries had satellite programs. Elon Musk’s SpaceX was leading the charge with plans for 48,000 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites set to communicate with millions of User Terminals and hundreds of Earth base stations. More recently, some companies are planning mega constellations of over 100,000 satellites. 

Cellphone Task Force Newsletters Latest one is entitled “Dogs, Cats, Birds and Maui”, and the effects of Starlink dishes. Spectrum for Starlink is about 37-52Ghz.

Health and Research

Kids Developed Headaches, Stomach Pain, Sleeping Issues While at Vacation Home Near Multiple 5G Antennas

Are you absorbing radiation from your mobile phone? This 8min video shows an initial experiment designed to estimate the absorption of cell (mobile) phone radiation by 2Kg mincemeat as a first attempt at quantifying and checking the amount of RF (radio frequency) radiation that you might absorb with a phone next to your body.

This article in The Daily Sceptic by Gillian Jamieson summarises 4 case studies done this year in a real-life 5G environment by Prof Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson. They seem to show a massive increase in radiation even though millimetre wave is not yet in use. The figures are hard to believe. The symptoms are debilitating.

Phone tower shut down at school after eight kids diagnosed with cancer.

Experts Raise Public Health Fears About Microwave Syndrome From 5G Masts

Study Links Cellphone Use to Lower Sperm Count, but Authors Downplay Findings:

A Swiss study found high cellphone use was associated with reduced male fertility measures. But experts criticized the authors for speculating newer phones emit less radiation and for their ties to a group aligned with telecom industry interests


Technical proof: scalar waves exist.  In this interview from 2013 Professor Meyl explains and demonstrates not only the difference between electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz 1888) and scalar waves (Nikola Tesla 1897), but also different and more convenient ways to apply them.  

From the 65min mark he explains how Scalar waves are also part the mechanism for biological effects from pulsed microwave RF radiation with mobile phone technology. This is very interesting to start to understand.  The official view justifies its belief that RFR causes no harm to biological organisms at non thermal levels because “there is no known mechanism of action”.  

This is a patently absurd assertion on which to found policy, but that’s still where we are unstuck.  Of course one day the hubris will be unveiled. The non-material is still a no go area for science since it also eludes objective repeatable measurement.

Our page on biological mechanisms and health.

Legal and Resistance

Application to The European Court of Human Rights – Action Against 5g. We have now proceeded with our application to the European Court of Human Rights. ‘The European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology has noted that there is evidence of the carcinogenic potential of lower frequencies RFR and that there are “no appropriate studies” that assess the impact of the higher frequency range of 5G.’

ICNIRP Revamp: Closer Ties to WHO EMF Project. While two medical doctors will be joining the Commission —there are none now— the membership will continue to be dominated by physicists and electrical engineers. ICNIRP’s entrenched thermal dogma will most likely continue to hold sway with cancer risks, and other non-thermal effects downplayed, when not dismissed outright.

Connecticut City BANS 5G Due to ‘Serious Health Risk to Humans’

This article points out that ICNIRP operates as a cartel protecting the interests of the industry – something which we are all well aware of, but what can we do about it? Successfully challenging ICNIRP seems to be the key to making any progress on radiation.

The Effects of Pulsed Microwaves And Extra Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves on Human Brains? Governments Routinely “Classify Information” Pertaining to the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System

Jason Liasatos’ show regarding UK based charities ACHES and NRA: interviews with founding members.